Stay Tuned: Pharma’s Almanac TV Goes Live

Pharma’s Almanac is now more interactive than ever, with the debut of our own channel and network. We look forward to introducing the larger-than-life personalities of our industry to the world through this palpable source.

 If you were at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting in Denver in November, you surely would not have missed the That’s Nice booth. There was a large company team, pop art imagery, the opportunity to stand in a miniature wind chamber picking up fake money in order to win a cash prize or research services, a white picket fence, large paper flowers and, above all, that yellow Lamborghini.Aside from drawing admiring looks, of which there were plenty, there was a real reason for the Lambo: to showcase the launch of Pharma’s Almanac TV (PA TV). Almost back-to-back throughout the show, one or another member of the Pharma’s Almanac team was conducting an interview on camera for the website ( with leading industry executives.

Thus, for instance, we spoke with Rolf Hilfiker, CEO of the Swiss firm Solvias, who discussed the increasing recent interest solid-state chemistry holds for the company’s customers at ever-earlier stages of the drug development continuum. Matthew Morganelli, Director of Sales at Korsch, explained their novel tablet-pressing technology that addresses demands for bi- and tri-layer tablets in combination therapies, while Dr. Paul August, Vice President of Biology at Icagen, elaborated on their ‘disease-in-a-dish’ models.

We wanted to introduce ourselves, and our clients, to our community, creating a personal experience for all involved.

Picking a few others at random, Abby Thompson — Global Marketing Communications Manager at CordenPharma — spoke on their latest developments in oligonucleotide and drug product manufacturing; Adam Covitt, Vice President at Federal Equipment, discussed strategizing around used equipment; Marga Viñes, Business Development Manager at Grifols, updated us on the challenges of quality in their operations; and Tobias Bachle, Sales Director at Pantec Biosolutions, spoke about their breakthrough technology for laser-assisted drug delivery.

Breakthrough Drug Delivery Technology
Tobias Bachle, Sales Director, Pantec Biosolutions

The Importance of Quality
Marga Viñes, Business Development Manager, Grifols Partnership

Idle No Longer: Strategizing Around Used Equipment
Adam Covitt, Vice President, Federal Equipment Company

Filling a Market Need
Abby Thompson, Global Marketing Communications Manager, CordenPharma

The diversity was impressive and could only really be captured in this medium. There will be plenty of others to see as we roll out PA TV over the coming months. Television as a format has a unique immediacy and personal appeal that meshes with the immediacy and face-to-face interaction that trade shows still offer, despite all the technology development that was meant to make them redundant in time. As such, it is a natural complement to the magazine and the other channels of communication That’s Nice offers.

Our PA TV channel has debuted to bring Pharma’s Almanac to life for our readers in a way the printed pages of the magazine or a regular website experience simply cannot do. We wanted to introduce ourselves and our clients to our community, creating a personal experience for all involved. Stay tuned — PA TV will become a big part of what we do on the show floor at exhibitions over the coming years. The Lamborghini, alas, has now gone to its rightful owner, but we will no doubt find something spectacular next time. 


Steve Kuehn

Steve offers the life science industry insight and perspective from his more than 30 years of editorial, corporate and agency communications experience. Drawing from tenure as a lead communicator and media relations director for one of world’s largest technology and engineering companies, as well the editorial leadership of industry-leading B2B journals serving the energy, transportation and pharmaceutical sectors, including Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine, Steve delivers brand strategy, market-moving content and decision support. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University.