Transforming Drug Delivery with Innovative Biomaterials

At this stop on Pharma's Almanac's Road to 50 States trans-American road trip, Stephanie Reed, Director of Translational Product Development at the Secant Group, talks to Nigel about the company's focus on small molecule portfolios and how Secant's new Hydralese platform provides long-acting drug delivery of small molecules and biologics.

Stephanie Reed, Ph.D.

Stephanie Reed, Ph.D., is the Director of Translational Product Development at Secant Group, a textiles and biomaterials company outside of Philadelphia. At Secant Group, Dr. Reed leads a team of scientists whose goal is to launch new biomaterial polymers for commercial use in controlled release drug products, biomedical devices, and tissue engineering applications. Dr. Reed garners 14-plus years of experience in drug delivery, biomaterials, 3D-printing technologies, regulatory submission, and product commercialization. Dr. Reed earned a BS in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at University of California Los Angeles.