The (Pedestrian) Road Through Milano

Day 20 /// Italy

October 17, 2020

Most Beautiful City of the Trip: Milano
City Leader in Mask-Wearing Compliance: Milano

Everyone started day 20 with a little spring in their steps, knowing that we wouldn’t be doing any driving at all. We headed out on foot to explore the city and conduct two interviews. Although Scotland remained Nigel’s favorite country overall owing to the enthusiasm of the people we met, Milano’s beauty quickly earned it the rank of favorite city.


The first interview occurred against the backdrop of the magnificent Piazza del Duomo with Silvia Baldina and Simona Rivarollo of Tekno Scienze, an Italian academic publisher, with whom we discussed trends in life sciences publishing as well as Italy’s tough early days with the COVID-19 pandemic.

After visiting Sempione Park and the Trienello Modern Art Museum, we headed to City Life, a new business park and commercial district, to meet with Luca Mantovani of specialty chemicals distributor Eigenmann & Veronelli, who spoke about supply chain changes in the wake of the pandemic. After the meeting, Luca was able to sweet talk our way into a very exclusive Argentinian steakhouse in the city for an unexpected but incredible meal, before finally turning in.

Simona Rivarollo and Silvia Baldina, Tekno Scienze SRL; Luca Mantovani, independent


Nigel Walker

Mr. Walker is the founder and managing director of That’s Nice LLC, a research-driven marketing agency with 20 years dedicated to life sciences. Nigel harnesses the strategic capabilities of Nice Insight, the research arm of That’s Nice, to help companies communicate science-based visions to grow their businesses. Mr. Walker earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with honors from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, England.