A Day Of Serious Driving Across Germany And Into Denmark

Day 06 /// The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark

October 3, 2020

Two Speeding Tickets (Top speed: 135 MPH): Holland

Day six started early, as we departed Amsterdam before the sun had fully risen, capturing some great photos and footage of windmills, locks, waterways, and bridges before embarking on our first really big day of driving from a mileage perspective, which would ultimately take us across 715 miles from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Denmark, passing across northern Germany on an auspicious day as the country marked the 30th anniversary of reunification.

After being stopped twice for speeding in the Netherlands, our first stop was with Fritjof Linz of Sartorius, meeting on the patio of his family home on the outskirts of Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony to talk about the future of bioprocessing.


We then drove to Hamburg where we met with Marc Technow, a former intern at That’s Nice and friend who recently completed his Master’s Degree in Cologne, who deserves the biggest effort badge among our contacts, having embarked on a 9-hour round trip from his home to speak with us. While discussing unmet medical needs in Germany, Marc brought up mental health as a subject that is largely brushed under the carpet in Germany, the first of a series of similar responses we received in interviews across the continent, including in France.

Reaching the north German coast, we boarded a ferry for a short ride to Denmark, where we experienced the toughest border crossing scrutiny of the whole trip, but after providing information about our contacts in the country, the situation was resolved. We then drove the remaining two hours or so to the capital city of Copenhagen, where we called it a day.

Dr. Fritjof Linz, Sartoris Stedim Biotech; Marc Technow, former That’s Nice intern


Nigel Walker

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