Heavy Rain and Nobel Prizes

Day 07 /// Denmark and Sweden

October 4, 2020

Sunday morning welcome from Morten: Denmark

Sunday began with more heavy rain (a running theme!), as we piled into the Minis for about an hour’s drive to meet with Morten Munk at the FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies facility in Hillerød. The weather turned out to be so uncooperative that we conducted one of our few indoor interviews. It was great to catch up with Morten after a number of years, and we discussed his long history in the industry and FUJIFILM’s impressive expansion plans for that site, as well as his interest in high-speed rollerblading.


In the increasingly heavy rain, we paid a visit to a local castle before heading to what we thought was going to be a bridge across to Sweden, only to arrive at our destination and discover no bridge existed, after which we immediately booked passage on a ferry to Malmo, Sweden (something that probably would have been impossible in pre-pandemic times).

We reached northern Europe’s largest country on the same day that the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was announced — another fortuitous coincidence — and proceed to drive for six or seven hours across Sweden before finally reaching Stockholm.

Morten Munk,
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies


Nigel Walker

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