Onward into the Baltics

Day 09 /// Finland, Estonia and Latvia

October 6, 2020

Favorite Hospital Architecture of the Trip: Finland

Our morning in Finland began with some sightseeing there  — in the northern-most city we reached on the trip, followed by a meeting with Marko Salo and Arto Toivonen of Fermion, the CDMO unit of Orion Corporation, the largest pharma company in the country, where we chatted about significant trends impacting the future of oncology. After stopping at an absolutely breathtaking hospital that looked more like a modern art museum, we headed to the waterfront to catch another ferry, which took us to Tallinn, Estonia.


As we traveled across Estonia and into Latvia — including a very fun stop at a graffiti-festooned cluster of derelict buildings — we were struck by the absence of real highways in the Baltic states, realizing that the good time we were making would be virtually impossible if not for the COVID-19 — related shutdowns. We spent the night in the Latvian capital of Riga.

Marko Salo and Arto Toivonen
, Fermion, a unit of Orion Corporation


Nigel Walker

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