Public Healthcare Trumps Private in Eastern Europe

Day 16 /// Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria

October 13, 2020

Best Food of the Trip: Croatia

Our first meeting of the day was with Ljubisha Mitof Visurski, who works in media and brought his senior PR representative, Natalija Petkovic to the meeting. Our conversation focused on patient relations and how healthcare is administered. Again, the public healthcare system is very strong in Croatia and the private side of the business just doesn’t exist. Instead, everybody’s wellness is factored in through the sweeping healthcare system.


Uncle Alex had sorted us out with the hotel, which worked out wonderfully. We left to make our way to Slovenia, which we knew very little about, aside from it being the home country of Melania Trump. We were greeted by gorgeous, beautiful landscapes including mountain ranges, and ultimately walked away with the view that Slovenia is an under appreciated gem. We arrived at the capital city of Ljubljana at the end of the day and met with Jacqueline Stuart of Slovenia Invest, who taught us about healthcare and other industries in the county.

We then headed through the mountain ranges to our next destination, Austria. We stopped off at this enclave that was straight out of a Bond film, with castles hanging on cliff tops overlooking the water — like 200 feet in the air, and we took shots with the drone. We ended up in Bad Kleinkirchheim and met the proprietor of the hotel we were staying at, Gunther Raunig, and (finally) had a meal.

Dr. Ljubisha Mitof Visurski and Natalija Petkovic; Jacqueline Stuart,
Slovenia Invest


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