Preclinical Trials and Personalized Dosing

Day 15 /// Hungary and Croatia

October 12, 2020

Most beautiful Architecture of the Trip: Budapest

It was another wet day! We braved the weather and met with Liam Crow from FirstMed, a private English speaking general health practice with a full range of services. Liam is originally from the United States, so he was able to speak candidly about healthcare in Hungary versus in his native New Jersey.

We jetted from that interview to meet with Stephen Collison a filmmaker, followed by Erno Duda, the founder of SOLVO. The company is focused on preclinical trials and was recently acquired by Charles River. Erno shared his insights on the future of healthcare, which he sees as patients being dosed differently — it makes no sense that the same dosage is used for mostly everyone, regardless of their specific size, age, or gender. We felt that was a very strong vision, though there’s no telling how far into the future this would be from actualizing.


Our next stop was Croatia, where we stayed at a four-star city hotel. We were able to park the cars right outside, which would have been an impossibility under normal circumstances. The hotel had a Michelin two-star chef and we let the restaurant suggest what we should eat — it was off the chart good, good food. Totally satiated, we enjoyed a fabulous night’s sleep.

Liam Crow,
FirstMed; Stephen Collison, filmmaker; (Virtual) Erno Duda, SOLVO Biotechnology, a Charles River Company


Nigel Walker

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