Crosses on the Road to Warsaw

Day 11 /// Lithuania and Poland

October 8, 2020

Most Off-Road Driving: Poland

We left Vilnius in the morning for another long day on the road, stopping briefly at the Northway Biotech facility in the city. Entering into Poland, Nigel noticed the hundreds of crosses the team observed dotting the highways, counting about 10 or more per mile, which are permanent markers of deaths from road accidents.


With no official interviews scheduled for the day, we arrived in Warsaw in the evening and had dinner with Eryk Krysztofiak, an old friend of Nigel’s, and his wife, enjoying some hearty, traditional Polish cuisine. Having met in New York before moving their new family back to Poland, with one child born in each country, Eryk shared an interesting comparison between obstetric care between the two countries, contrasting Polish hospitals’ willingness to let new mothers extend their hospital stays for several days with the hustle to discharge them within hours in New York. On the other hand, Eryk discussed the prejudice he experienced in Poland as a result of his leaving the country for an overseas education.

Eryk Krysztofiak,
Warsaw Property Management


Nigel Walker

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