Ovarian Cycle Bracelet Detects Pregnancy in Trials

Ava bracelet proves capable of detecting pregnant women’s first physiological symptoms.

Results of a recent clinical study by Ava, the manufacturer of the Ava ovarian-cycle tracking bracelet, showed the device’s sensor technology is capable of detecting pregnancy in women. The bracelet was launched by the company July 2016.

According to Ava, the clinical trial conducted in collaboration with the University Hospital of Zurich demonstrated the bracelet was able to detect the physiological changes known to occur during early pregnancy such as variable heart rate and basal temperature between the late luteal phase conceptive and non-conceptive cycles. The findings were presented at the recent ASRM meeting in San Antonio, and published in Fertility & Sterility.

Hospital of Zurich Researchers found the Ava device had the potential to be a pregnancy detector because of its consistent performance detecting the changes that present during the late luteal phase of otherwise healthy women.

Ava Co-Founder and Vice President of Research & Development Peter Stein observed "Our findings could pave the way for the continuous assessment of the occurrence of pregnancy without any effort from the user and consequently add an innovative option for early pregnancy detection." noted.

The Ava tracking bracelet, said the company, has proven a popular choice for women who are looking to understand their personal fertility cycles, in hopes of optimizing their chances at conception. According to Ava, the device has helped more than 1,000 patients in Europe and the U.S. conceive, with approximately 15 pregnancies a day reported.

"We're excited about this research because it fits in with our long-term vision, which has always been for Ava to become a lasting companion for women, giving them data-driven and scientifically proven insights along all stages of their reproductive lives," explained Ava Co-Founder Lea von Bidder. "This is another step in that direction."

02_Ava_Cycle_Hailey.jpg The Ava bracelet pictured on a user. 

Nigel Walker

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