Combining Content and Research in a Single Website Platform

The research enterprise of That’s Nice — Nice Insight — has grown significantly over the past seven years and now encompasses our core Nice Insight Research Services, as well as Pharma’s Almanac, which offers rich data-driven content.

Combining Content and Research

With over twenty years’ experience as a leading agency for life sciences, our aim has been to share insight across the industry, creating a community focused on quantitative research and the motivating, overarching trends behind them. To achieve this, we are merging Nice Insight’s proprietary research with our Pharma’s Almanac content forum. This new powerhouse site will serve as a unique content portal for the pharma-biotech industry with articles, news, blogs, videos and a wealth of statistics across the supply chain. The site will provide free access to industry-specific outsourcing research and will host an ongoing constructive dialogue around developments in R&D, formulation, process development, lead optimization, scale-up, processing and bioprocessing, finished dose and more.

With its extensive analysis of industry trends specific to significant and dynamic sectors of the industry, Pharma’s Almanac offers print and digital readers a fresh take on the very latest in the contract services industry, including how proven leaders are implementing new strategies. In order to elucidate the issues central to executive decision makers, we are primarily emphasizing the “leader” element of thought leadership. Our distinguished program delivers Subject Matter Expert advice to you directly.

Nice Insight Market Data

The integration of the Pharma’s Almanac with Nice Insight was a clear next step, as both sites are powered by research. Nice Insight, the research arm of That’s Nice, was launched in 2010. Since then, there have been 23 proprietary annual surveys conducted, all of which target buyers of outsourced services, including research, drug substance, drug product, excipients and intermediates, equipment and logistics. The new Nice Insight portal offers free access to comparative buyer ratings of over 800 service providers across six service segments, as well as company profiles of 856 suppliers. This provides a unique online asset to both buyers and sellers of outsourcing services, including the leading market trends and buyer preferences across each of our six major market segments.

Nice Insight Market Segments Include:

  1. Preclinical and Clinical Contract Research Organizations
  2. Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations
  3. Pharmaceutical Excipients Suppliers
  4. Pharmaceutical Original Equipment Manufacturers
  5. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intermediates Producers
  6. Clinical Supply Chain Logistics

Providers Over 800 supplier companies listed with profiles and service offerings — over 400 with customer comparison ratings.

Getting Involved


Supplier company contributions to our ongoing dialogue have been compelling and insightful; we thank our community for sharing so many diverse aspects of the global supply chain. Among many things, we have learned that the pharma-biotech world continues to ask us all to come to the table with new ideas of every kind. From advances in targeted drug screening, chemical synthesis, continuous manufacturing, downstream processing, encapsulation technology, cold chain solutions or automated clinical trials and data management, to partnership-minded service, at-risk deal structuring, dedicated manufacturing capacity, accelerated analytical services and more, our diversified content is ever-expanding.

To make sure all are able to access this content, we have designed seven different custom access levels to promote high visibility among users of this unique platform.

Pharma’s Almanac Leadership Content


Supply Chain Market Coverage

  • averages more than 5,000 visits per month and hosts over 600 original articles, news items, blogs and videos.
  • “Trending Now” e-newsletter featuring news items, articles and videos is distributed three times a week to over 60,000 readers across the pharmaceutical community with an average 12% open rate.
  • 146 original pieces of content published and posted per quarter.
  • 165 authors, contributors and commentators from a range of specialty service providers to date.
  • Printed quarterly, Pharma’s Almanac includes a combination of 26 original articles, features, roundtables, reports and interviews, distributed to 20,000 industry readers.
  • Over 100,000 industry readers in total.

Stretching the limits of content in our heavily technical realm, and building a viable content enterprise, our editorial guidelines are simple:

  • Be informative and fact-based.
  • Speak from experience and knowledge. 
  • Address current needs and advances in the industry.


KshitiJ (TJ) Ladage

Kshitij (TJ) has been a part of Nice Insight since 2014. TJ’s role involves research design and operations, developing and maintaining syndicated studies, business intelligence data analysis, content development and article writing on the latest developments in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to market research, TJ spent time in academia research working on a broad range of subject matter, including pharmacoeconomics, drug delivery and genetics. TJ holds a masters of biotechnology degree from the University of Pennsylvania.