CMC Biologics Announces Agreement

The company has acquired the rights to Harpoon Therapeutics molecules. 

CMC Biologics has announced it has acquired the manufacturing rights to Harpoon Therapeutics TriTAC™ proprietary molecules, to support the efficient development of novel, biologic oncological therapeutics.

The agreement covers the development and manufacture of three of Harpoon’s TriTAC molecules by CMC Biologics: HPN424, HPN536 and HPN217 for the treatment of various human cancers. Harpoon Therapeutics molecules are half-life extended and engineered to simultaneously bind to cancer and T-cells, triggering them to better target and attack cancer cells. Containing three binding domains, one binds to a specific target, one binds to human serum albumin and the remainder binds to T-cells.

Harpoon noted that its first clinical candidate, its prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) HPN424 (intended to treat metastatic prostate cancer), is entering Phase I trials through 2018. President and CEO of Harpoon Therapeutics, Gerald McMahon, provided context: "We value our partnership with CMC Biologics as our CDMO for the development and manufacturing of our first wave of molecules entering the clinic." Highlighting CMC Biologic’s experience, which McMohon explained: “will play a significant role in the successful production of our TriTAC™ molecules."

Gustavo Mahler, CMC Biologics CEO, noted that there have been great strides taken in the discovery and development of oncology treatments, and the prospect of working with Harpoon Therapeutics on “these exciting new … molecules” will enable CMC Biologics to help roll-out transformative new treatments “with the potential to significantly impact” patient lives. “Our advanced CHEF1® Expression Technology will facilitate production of high levels of recombinant protein in rapid time-frames,” Mahler concluded, “with a focus on an accelerated process, precise outputs, and excellence in service. We're looking forward to working closely with Harpoon Therapeutics on this important endeavor."


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