Catalent Completes Controlled-Temperature Capacity

Catalent Pharma Solution completes controlled-temperature capacity expansion at the Kansas City, MO facility.

Catalent Pharma Solution’s expansion project at its Kansas City, MO, facility is a success. The company has expanded the clinical supply sector of the business with greater controlled-temperature storage capabilities, adding 70,000 cubic feet of storage at 2-8 degrees Celsius.

This represents a five-fold increase in Catalent’s controlled-temperature capacity. Catalent is committed to flexibility; the company is able to add more secondary cold packaging areas, in addition to the two already in place, in order to meet customer demands.

Tom Moon, the site’s General Manager of Clinical Supply Services described the Kansas City facility’s progression, stating, “Customers have benefitted from our Kansas City campus’ integrated analytical, oral solid manufacturing, and clinical supply services, and now we can offer them expanded cold storage and packaging services as well,” he explained. “In the past 18 months, we have seen an increase in the numbers of both large and small customers, and to meet this growing demand have nearly doubled our clinical supply workforce, as well as introducing additional shifts in both packaging and distribution.”

The 450,000 square foot site includes a full range of services including formulation development and analytical testing, to clinical and commercial scale manufacturing and packaging for a variety of oral dose forms. The Kansas City, MO site also features Catalent’s trademarked OptiPact™Technology, which helps bring orphan or expedited designations to market faster.

Catalent’s VP of Corporate Strategy, Cornell Stamoran Ph.D., spoke at a press event the same week the completion was announced, delving deeper into the company’s longer-term goals. “Catalent is an organic growth company, “ he said, adding, “We are investing today for tomorrow’s needs,” as well as, “rolling [its] money back into the company.”

The company has been true to its word—over the last five years Catalent has invested $630 million and funneled 60% of this sum directly towards continued growth and added capacity, internationally. Catalent will continue its expansion efforts, with the announcement that it will increase its clinical supply network in both Bolton and Bath in the United Kingdom, as well as at its Singapore facility.

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