The EVA System Colposcope Fulfills Promise of the AVE Algorithm to Change Future of Cervical Cancer Detection

MobileODT, first to develop a commercial application for AVE machine learning algorithm for cervical cancer detection.

TEL AVIV, Israel /PRNewswire/ --

A new augmented intelligence (AI) algorithm is able to detect cervical cancer based on a single image. Automated Visual Evaluation (AVE) is an exciting breakthrough already being brought to clinical use with MobileODT's EVA System Colposcope.

Validated by the National Cancer Institute and National Library of Medicine, the AVE machine learning algorithm is able to identify problematic lesions with greater reliability than traditional Pap Cytology testing. When the same images were presented to an expert human colposcopist, the algorithm had a higher level of accuracy.

For this new technology to move out of the laboratory and into healthcare practice, a practical application was needed. The EVA System is the only colposcope on the market ready to deliver AVE at the point-of-care. "We are excited by the new AVE algorithm and the promise it holds in fighting cervical cancer. Our team is proud to make available an AVE enabled colposcope to reach more women and save more lives," says Ariel Beery, MobileODT CEO.

MobileODT is working with the NCI and other researchers to further validate the initial AVE algorithm to bring this lifesaving technology to patients quickly, continuously improving the algorithm performance with new data collected from global research partners, proving one does not need special conditions or expertise to use the power of AI.

The EVA Colposcope is a mobile digital colposcope currently in 29 countries and 50 US healthcare systems. Using smartphone technology, it is designed to go wherever women are to ensure that no woman dies of a preventable disease. Adding AI cervical cancer detection to the EVA System was the obvious next step.

Early this week, MobileODT announced a large scale pilot to validate the clinical application of the AVE algorithm with partners Genworks Health and Apollo Hospitals in India. The clinical study to be conducted will improve the AI algorithm used in cervical cancer detection by evaluating the algorithm performance. This represents the first wide-scale validation of the algorithm on the EVA System, screening up to 250 women daily.

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