Sebaceous Glands in 3D

BASF & CTIBiotech release bioprinting breakthrough.

BASF Care Creations and the Cell Therapy Research Institute CTIBiotech have  demonstrated the ability to harness sebum in a 3D model. The joint venture was unveiled at the NYSCC Cosmetic Congress, where the ex vivo production of physiological sebum in a long-term culture of a 3D human sebaceous gland model, and the regulation of this sebum production by means of active ingredients, was released. 

CTIBiotech added their 3D human sebaceous gland technology to BASF’s 3D skin model portfolio. The improved technology will allow scientists to better study how sebaceous glands work in relationship to a range of skin disorders, whether age-related, microbial or inflammatory.

Dr. Nico Forraz, Chief Executive Officer at CTIBiotech, commented on the breakthrough: “Working with BASF allowed us to validate a powerful technology for human skin care research in very little time.”

BASF’s Project Lead Dr. Sabine Pain, remarked further on the platform: “Compared to current in vitro methods, the 3D models developed by CTIBiotech allow analysis more in touch with human physiology and sebaceous gland metabolism,” Pain noted. “That’s how their technology helps us accelerate the development of innovative and highly reliable ingredients for the skin care market. Our understanding of sebaceous gland metabolism provides the basis for developing and testing advanced cosmetic bio-actives for skincare applications, and in particular skincare products for oily skin.”

Professor Colin McGuckin, Chief Scientific Officer and President of CTIBiotech, provided his forward-looking perspective. “The next evolution of the sebaceous gland model will be based on a 3D bio-printing technology that allows us to fully reproduce micro-glands into a full thickness skin model, in vitro.”

This further solidifies the potential of 3D printing as the next wave of innovative therapies in pharma. BASF is a chemical company divided into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. CTIBiotech is specialized in biotechnologies and particularly in research on cancer, stem cells, tissue engineering and the production of innovative cell models (in vitro and ex vivo) for biomedical, pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetic research, as well as medical devices applied to cell therapy. 


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