Hotspot assays detect genomic mutations in blood and solid tumors.

Genetic assay company Contextual Genomics has launched upgrades to its Find It and Follow It screens for solid and bloodborne tumors to aid the identification of drug-resistant mutations and potential precision cancer treatments.

The new Find It for solid tumors includes additional tests for mutations in the POLE gene, which have been associated with colorectal cancer as well as immunodeficiency. In total, it now screens for 146 somatic genome alterations and 23 exons in 30 cancer-associated genes.

The new Follow It panel screens for the same mutations in cell-free circulating tumor DNA found in blood plasma and is ideal for patients diagnosed with widespread metastatic disease and to monitor tumor burden, disease progression and treatment resistance. 

Both assays are performed using next-generation sequencing systems and rely on proprietary molecular barcoding techniques to provide automated, centrally monitored quality assurance testing.