Profiling Cancer Genetics to Enable Precision Therapies

Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, Associate Director, Clinical Science and Director of the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy at the University of California, San Diego, discusses a new method probing the correlations between cancer-causing mutations and the effectiveness of therapeutic approaches.

Razelle Kurzrock, MD

Razelle Kurzrock, MD is a world-renowned physician-scientist leader in precision medicine and immunotherapy as well as the development of novel therapeutics in the field of oncology. She is recognized for founding, building, and leading one of the largest Phase 1 clinical trial departments globally while at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The central theme of the department was a personalized medicine strategy. She is also one of the pioneer trialists of the WINTHER precision medicine trial focusing, for the first time, on transcriptomics in addition to genomics. This trial was the signature study of the WIN international consortium (Nature Medicine). The consortium is a non-profit group focused on the global delivery of precision medicine, with member academic institutions and other key stakeholders across the world.