How Is Globyz Evolving its Business Model to Meet the Future of Healthcare?



Globyz, one of That's Nice's Road to 2021 sponsors, discusses how the company is evolving its partnership models or geographic footprint to meet the future of healthcare?

Over the next decade, we anticipate that pharma companies will continue to use outsourcing models to retain their focus on core activities, and for cost-saving. Increasingly, pharma companies are refining the activities that they specialize in, which they prefer to perform in-house — while outsourcing most other activities. It has been observed that companies prefer to deal with local outsourcing partners rather than those overseas; this trend was already occurring before the COVID-19 pandemic but has been accelerated as a result of supply chain challenges arising from the virus and the resulting global lockdowns.

Solutions Over Service

To ensure the success of clinical trials, it is in the best interest of the sponsor to engage Globyz Biopharma Services in the early stages of clinical trials or clinical supply planning. Globyz would like to be considered as a solution provider rather than a service provider. In order to achieve this, Globyz engages in strategic partnerships with clients to provide them with long-term, integrated solutions.

To balance the competing forces of globalization and the more recent push to streamline the supply chain, Globyz sets up regional hubs, or centers of excellence, hiring local employees throughout our network. We are currently planning to establish depots in China and South America to secure access to those markets and are actively seeking partnerships in South America.

End-to-End Supply

It is Globyz Biopharma Services’ ultimate goal to create a complete end-to-end supply chain featuring comparator drug sourcing, packaging, storage, logistics, and distribution from each of our global GMP locations. As an extension of this strategy, as we are continuously growing to meet the demand for clinical trial supply services and recently announced the expansion of our depot facilities in Toronto, Canada. The new facility is a customized solution for clinical drug handling; it includes ample space for our logistics operations and features a new GMP-compliant storage and distribution center. The expansion of the existing Toronto facility will triple its current size, allowing more space for managing pallet shippers and active containers. 

The depot is equipped for storage of all temperature ranges: 15–25 °C, 2–8 °C refrigerated storage, –20° to –80 °C frozen storage, secondary packaging, labeling, temperature-controlled shipping, returns, and inventory reconciliation via an SAP inventory management system. The facility will be licensed for controlled substance storage with a vault specifically for scheduled drugs. 

We are continuously growing to meet the demand for clinical trial supply services and recently announced the expansion of our depot facilities in Toronto, Canada.

The improved space will create new synergies between Toronto and Globyz’s key GMP depot / distribution center in Philadelphia. We will be able to provide all of our clinical logistics services, ensuring streamlined and efficient solutions for our clients. The proximity of the depot to Toronto International Airport will also allow for faster transit times. Going forward, Globyz will continue to enhance our capabilities to meet clients’ growing needs for comparator sourcing, ancillary supplies, clinical packaging, GMP storage, and distribution.

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Globyz Biopharma Services

Globyz Biopharma Services is dedicated to sourcing and supplying commercial medicines for analytical research, drug development, clinical trials or bioequivalence studies across all therapeutic areas. Globyz Biopharma Services include comprehensive solutions for global comparator sourcing and storing and distributing pharmaceuticals, materials, and ancillary supplies for clinical trials, as well as GMP storage, packaging, labeling, kitting, controlled drug services, importer of record and QP services, and global GxP temperature- controlled logistics.