How Does Globyz Biopharma Services Envision the Future of the Pharma/Biopharma Industry?

TECHNOLOGY SPONSOR: Comparator Drug Sourcing


Globyz, one of That's Nice's Road to 2021 sponsors, discusses how the company is envisioning the future of the pharma/biopharma industry.

Globyz Biopharma Services provides a one-source solution for comparator and reference drug sourcing, clinical trial materials, ancillary supplies, clinical packaging/labeling, storage, and distribution of investigational medicinal products, placebos, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our expertise in managing the regulatory, logistics, and supply chain challenges of sourcing, storing, and distributing comparators for global clinical trials makes Globyz Biopharma Services the ideal partner for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsors, CROs, CMOs, and CDMOs that don’t get the attention they deserve from larger providers. We offer comprehensive clinical trial logistics services, from supply consulting to packaging, labeling and kit preparation, storage, and distribution in validated thermal shipping containers through a worldwide network of GMP-compliant warehouses and depots with the capability to handle temperature-sensitive materials. With offices and state-of-the-art GMP depots strategically located in the United States, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, and Brazil, we have a presence in major markets across the globe and can provide end-to-end temperature-controlled logistics solutions from any point of origin to any destination, in any size and within any temperature range.

A More Virtual World

At Globyz Biopharma Services, we foresee that virtual trials and direct-to-patient trials will shape the industry over the coming decade. In terms of other significant trends changing the face of the industry, research in the area of cell and gene therapy, as well as the development of biosimilars, will drive innovation and change in pharma through 2030. Though they might not be available soon, 3D printing of medicines and tissues are positioned to be potentially transformative. 

Virtual meetings with existing and potential clients, as well as virtual teams working from home, have had the most lasting impact on how business is conducted over this last unique year.

Over the next decade, Globyz will establish its presence in major markets globally by enhancing the regional team and adding local resources.

Current and Future Growth

Globyz is currently working on tracking packages with GPS and monitoring the internal temperature of shipments in transit to detect temperature excursions. This will be helpful in ensuring compliance, prompting proactive actions during potential exposure to temperature shifts in transit. This will also minimize the loss of packages in transit. 

At Globyz, we predict an increase in the usage of Internet of things (IOT)-enabled devices will be most impactful in transforming the patient experience. In terms of the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, trials will increasingly move away from hospitals and formal trial sites to patients’ homes, as much as is possible, which may aid in trials participant recruitment, retention, and compliance. In general, virtual trials will increase, supported by evolving televisit and digital solutions. 

Over the next decade, Globyz will establish its presence in major markets globally by enhancing the regional team and adding local resources. Globyz will build enhanced services in biosimilar, injectable, and cell and gene therapy trials. To achieve these goals, we will work on expanding our team, hiring personnel with specialized expertise in these areas. 

Nice Insight

Nice Insight, established in 2010, is the research division of That’s Nice, A Science Agency, providing data and analysis from proprietary annual surveys, custom primary qualitative and quantitative research as well as extensive secondary research. Current annual surveys include The Nice Insight Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO/CMO), Survey The Nice Insight Contract Research - Preclinical and Clinical (CRO) Survey, The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment Survey, and The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Excipients Survey.

Globyz Biopharma Services

Globyz Biopharma Services is dedicated to sourcing and supplying commercial medicines for analytical research, drug development, clinical trials or bioequivalence studies across all therapeutic areas. Globyz Biopharma Services include comprehensive solutions for global comparator sourcing and storing and distributing pharmaceuticals, materials, and ancillary supplies for clinical trials, as well as GMP storage, packaging, labeling, kitting, controlled drug services, importer of record and QP services, and global GxP temperature- controlled logistics.