HEPAXA is a New Treatment in the US from BASF for Patients with NAFLD

First product in the US designed to treat non- alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

People that suffer from non- alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), one of the most common forms of chronic liver diseases, are deficient in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These compounds prevent steatosis, or the build-up of fat in the liver.

To help remedy this, BASF Corporation has introduced the first product designed to treat NAFLD to the US market, Hepaxaä. Hepaxaä comprises highly concentrated, pure EPA and DHA. The drug also increases the levels of both of these fatty acids in the blood. As a result, the liver is better able to process excess stored fat and also inhibits the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into fat. A study conducted by BASF in 2017 showed that Hepaxaä is effective and safe in the dietary management of NAFLD patients. The company plans to publish the results of the clinical trial later in 2018. 

BASF uses a patented purification technology to remove persistent organic pollutants and other unwanted lipids such as cholesterol. PCB 153, in particular, is thought to be quite harmful to NAFLD patients.

Hepaxa will be distributed nationally through DIEM Labs. It is as a medical food product in the U.S. to NAFLD patients 10 years and older for use under physician supervision.

“BASF’s launch of Hepaxa is the result of our research and development efforts targeting liver health, where we are capitalizing on our unique scientific competencies,” says Christoph Garbotz, Head of Commercial Management Advanced Health Solutions, BASF. “With NAFLD rapidly becoming a major public health concern worldwide, we are proud to now offer this first-to-market, dedicated solution for NAFLD patients in the U.S.”


Nigel Walker

Mr. Walker is the founder and managing director of That’s Nice LLC, a research-driven marketing agency with 20 years dedicated to life sciences. Nigel harnesses the strategic capabilities of Nice Insight, the research arm of That’s Nice, to help companies communicate science-based visions to grow their businesses. Mr. Walker earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with honors from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, England.