The French firm is positioned to be on the forefront of this crucial market category and will spend 600 million euros to increase capacity.

Sanofi has outlined plans for growth over the next several years, with a heavy emphasis on biologics. The company has announced that it will invest 600 million euros, or $673 million US dollars, annually over the next two to three years into the production of biologics, which it sees as an area of robust possibility in the pharma market.

Philippe Luscan, Executive Vice President of Global Industrial Affairs at for Sanofi described the full breadth of the company’s investments in biologics, which currently totals approximately 3.3 billion euros, having already been invested in this market segment. These investments have been made over the past five years, indicating the force of which Sanofi is pursuing the area of biologics — as investment in total production is approximately 4.7 billion euros. There are no plans of slowing down, either.

Luscan commented on putting biologics at the fore, especially as they are becoming ever more popular. "In 2012, 43 percent of our pipeline was made of biologics. The figure stood at around 60 percent in 2016 and in 2020, it will increase even more," he stated.

Sanofi has already proved their commitment to increasing production in this area — since November 2015, the company has allocated 300 million euros to expand capacity at its biologics facility in Geel, located in Belguim.

And as recently as February, Sanofi, in conjunction with Lonza, announced plans to fund a 270 million euro biologics production facility at the Lonza site in Visp, for the production of monoclonal antibody-based drugs. The facility is focused on the production of Toujeo, Praluent, Dengvaxia, serilumab, LixiLan and dupilumab — all of which are expected to generate sales into the billions. Nicola Kressmann, a spokesperson for Sanofi, told Biopharma-Reporter that the six could “aggregate peak sales of 12 billion euros to 14 billion euros by 2025.” These impressive figures will no doubt be funneled back into like biologics investments by the company, which is well positioned to be a leader on the forefront of this crucial market sector.