Helping Biopharma Companies Grow with Insight

During Pharma's Almanac's Road to 50 States trip, Philip Gialenios, President and Chief Operating Officer at Kineticos Life Sciences, met with Nigel to talk about the impacts of the pandemic and how the company drives strategy and growth for their clients.

Philip Gialenios

Philip Gialenios brings over 30 years of life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical experience to Kineticos, having held numerous R&D and commercial roles throughout his career. As Kinetico’s Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for the strategic leadership of all business development, marketing, and sales efforts and ensuring the organization’s commercial success. Prior to Kineticos, Philip worked for three years as an independent consultant, taking on interim commercial leadership roles at mid-size biopharma and healthcare companies addressing commercial strategy, operational alignment and optimization, and sales and marketing execution. His prior experience includes 27 years across executive commercial, sales and marketing leadership, and scientific roles at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Sigma-Aldrich Corp, Charles Rivers Labs, and the United States EPA. Philip earned his BS degree in Zoology with a concentration in Medical Sciences from North Carolina State University.