Discovery Life Sciences Streamlines Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing with Expanded Human Cellular Starting Materials

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Discovery Life Sciences™ (Discovery), the biospecimen and biomarker specialists™, today announced the expansion of its GMP-compliant, clinical- grade product portfolio with the launch of Discovery Cryo Leukopaks™ (GMP).  The company's extended capabilities around GMP-compliant cellular starting materials will ease logistical challenges for therapeutic developers and manufacturers by streamlining the transition from research to manufacturing of next-generation cell and gene therapies.

Discovery is committed to accelerating the development and successful clinical translation of cell and gene therapies, which are revolutionizing treatment approaches to cancer and other complex diseases.  Doing so requires rapid, reliable access to high-quality, well-characterized human cellular starting materials that Discovery is uniquely positioned to provide to researchers and manufacturers worldwide.

"The right GMP-compliant cryopreservation products are critical for providing the industry with the clinical material needed to expedite the transition from R&D to commercialization," said Dominic Clarke, Discovery's Chief Technical Officer of Cell and Gene Therapy.  "Discovery now offers industry-leading, reliable cryopreserved leukopaks that are needed to support research and GMP-compliant manufacturing.  Cell therapy developers who partner with Discovery will be able to simplify and accelerate their manufacturing processes while trusting the quality and support Discovery provides to scientists worldwide."

Discovery has optimized and controlled cryopreservation protocols to achieve high-quality performance specifications that support GMP-compliant manufacturing requirements and allow cell and gene therapy developers to seamlessly transition their advanced therapy processes.  Combined with Discovery's isolated immune cells, diseased human biospecimens, and multi-omic biomarker service capabilities, Discovery's cell and gene therapy portfolio offers researchers and manufacturers a unique, integrated solution to streamline the advancement of new therapies from early research through to clinical manufacturing.



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