CMC and Trellis Agree to Develop mAb Therapies to Treat Viral, Bacterial Infections

Collaboration leverages Trellis’ antibody expertise and CMC expression system technology to produce new therapeutics.

Clinical and commercial mAb manufacturer CMC ICOS Biologics and therapeutic antibody company Trellis Bioscience LLC, have entered into a manufacturing agreement that, according to a joint announcement, secures a collaboration for the process development and production of two of Trellis Bioscience’s monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and will eventually commercialize treatments for viral and bacterial infections.

The agreement frames a collaboration to accelerate the introduction of two biologics-based therapeutic agents by combining the technologies and expertise of the respective companies. One of the therapies under development is a treatment for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that delivers antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, which work to stop progression of the disease.

The second therapy under the manufacturing agreement covers the development of a first-in-class treatment for drug-resistant bacterial infections. Trellis’ CEO Stefan Ryser explained that often bacterial infections are drug resistant due the formation of bacterial biofilms; “by disrupting the biofilm, TRL1068 acts to resensitize bacteria to conventional antibiotics, with broad-spectrum activity spanning from medically important Gram-positive to Gram-negative bacterial species, including MRSA and Acinetobacter baumanni.”

Gustavo Mahler, CMC Biologics CEO said his company was pleased to be working with Trellis and excited about the potential of its proprietary CHEF1® Expression System platform to support the successful development of the two therapies. “With our extensive experience developing monoclonal antibody products, we are delighted to know that we will help deliver Trellis’ antibody treatment for RSV, a leading cause of lower respiratory tract disease in young children as well as their broad-spectrum biofilm disruptor human antibody for reducing the antibiotic resistance that is associated with biofilm formation.”

Ryser expressed his view of the agreement remarking, “With CMC Biologics’ demonstrated technical expertise, experience, and proprietary CHEF1® Expression System platform, we believe that we have chosen an outstanding CDMO to work with.” In addition he said, “Through their use of Multi-column Continuous Chromatography technology, where a reduced quantity of costly chromatography resins is required in the downstream process, CMC Biologics is able to provide Trellis, a significant reduction in our development and manufacturing costs.”


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