Bioprocessing Technologies Dominate INTERPHEX Exhibitor Awards

Efficiency is the common denominator for the Interphex award-winners. 

During INTERPHEX 2017 the winners of the Exhibitor Awards were announced as part of the conference’s annual event recognizing innovative technologies across the pharma manufacturing supply chain. Bioprocessing technology suppliers took four of five general categories, Best in Show, Best New Product/Service, Best Technological Innovation and Efficiency Champion. When the Biotech Innovation category is included, it is clear that demand for better technology is fueling bioprocessing technology innovation — as indicated by the equipment category’s nearly clean sweep of this year’s awards sponsored by Pharmaceutical Processing.

Best in Show, Asahi Kasei’s IBD™ 1K Inline Buffer Dilution system was recognized for its ability to dramatically improve downstream processing efficiency. Both time-saving and space-saving, the system produces high-quality buffers-on-demand from concentrates for downstream processes and continues to win accolades regarding its impact on processing efficiency. “Helping our customers drive down the cost of biopharmaceutical manufacturing through efficiency gains is one of the core missions of Asahi Kasei Bioprocess’ Equipment Division,” said Kimo Sanderson, VP Marketing and Client Services.

Bio-Rad Laboratories’ received Best New Product/Service honors for its new ZE5 Cell Analyzer, an innovative flow cytometer that’s configurable, flexible enough to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs. According to Bio-Rad Laboratories, their flow cytometer provides the industry with its first truly expandable flow cytometer. "Along with our partners at Propel Labs, we teamed up to deliver a radically different approach to serving the high-end flow cytometry market,”  said Greg Fisher, Director of Cell Biology Marketing, Bio-Rad Laboratories. “We are… excited to be launching a platform that addresses so many labs' needs… whether it is for biomarker discovery or high-throughput screening, we believe the ZE5 analyzer allows them to run a better, more efficient business.”

The Quantum Pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology was selected for the Best Technologies Innovation award. The new peristaltic pump design offers a step-change in bioprocessing pump technology The new pump, with its patented ReNu SU Technology® cartridge, said Steve Lavargna, President of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, “redefines pump performance for single-use downstream bioprocessing… increasing process yields throughout the pressure range.”

For Biotech Innovation, MilliporeSigma’s Pellicon® 3 Ultrafiltration Cassettes with Biomax® Membranes and D Screen Geometry were recognized for the novel filtration technology’s ability to efficiently process high-viscosity therapeutic protein formulations and yield higher final product concentrations needed for injectable therapies. According to Andrew Bulpin, head of Process Solutions Strategic Marketing & Innovation at MilliporeSigma, “Our newest Pellicon® 3 cassettes for high viscosity formulations overcome the technical limitations of other filtration devices, helping customers produce therapeutics for injection.”


Guy Tiene

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