Zotefoams’ Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Helps Global Response to COVID-19

As the world battles the current COVID-19 pandemic, Zotefoams is pleased to be able to support the medical community using Plastazote®, a family of polyethylene foams from the AZOTE® range.

Latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, Plastazote is already the most-cited thermoplastic
foam in medical literature for skin contact suitability, with medical grades tested to ISO10993
(Biological evaluation of medical devices). The current increase in usage is largely for
applications such as personal protective equipment (PPE), demand for which is increasing
exponentially as its vital role in protecting frontline medical staff and others from this highly
contagious virus becomes clear.

Medical device manufacturer J-Pac Medical is now producing face shields at its plant in
Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA and has opted to use lightweight Plastazote LD15 in a
38mm (1.5”) headband. The closed cell characteristics of Plastazote mean that it prevents
moisture absorption and provides protection from vertical contaminants. Soft and flexible, it
is comfortable even for extended periods and its unequalled purity means that the potential
for skin irritation is minimal.

The properties of Plastazote derive primarily from the unique Zotefoams’ method of
expansion using only pure nitrogen  which constitutes 78% of the air we breathe. By
contrast, the chemical reaction used by other manufacturers to expand foams leaves
residues in the material, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), potentially causing
sensory and skin irritation.

Plastazote has a closed cell structure, which prevents moisture absorption and it can also be
reliably cleaned or disinfected with standard chemicals, should reuse be necessary.
Aside from PPE applications, the current demand for oxygenation and breathing aids is also
driving demand for Plastazote. Its inert, non-toxic properties and ease of fabrication mean it
is the ideal material for lightweight components in ventilators. Plastazote is an essential
resource for protecting sensitive medical devices such as Extracorporeal Membrane
Oxygenation (ECMO) units during transit, with the attractive strength to weight ratio of

grades such as Plastazote LD45WE reducing transport on-costs by optimising size and
weight, while protecting from shocks, chemicals and liquids.
The purity of Plastazote and its AZOTE stablemate Evazote ® guarantees high lucency for X-
rays, CT scans and MRI scans, which are used to help clinicians determine the extent of
disease in patients.

Zotefoams Group CEO David Stirling, comments, “This is a uniquely challenging and
worrying time for all of us but the knowledge that Plastazote is playing such an important role
is creating a real sense of shared purpose across our global team. Knowing that we are
contributing to the protection of frontline workers is inspiring and I am proud of the way
Zotefoams employees are adapting to different ways of working.”

For more information please contact:
Kate Lawrence, Marketing Communications Executive
+44 (0)20 8664 1600 kla@zotefoams.com

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