Yourway – The Biopharma Services Company – Keeps Up With Covid-19, Providing Direct-to-Patient (DTP) Services Globally

Allentown, PA (USA) – March 24, 2020 – Yourway, the only truly integrated premium courier and clinical packager in the clinical trials supply chain market, reassures customers that it has taken measures to ensure that there will be no interruptions to its services –– including critical support for direct-to-patient (DTP) clinical trials –– in the coming months as the industry deals with the impacts from the global coronavirus pandemic.

A major concern raised throughout the industry and the public as impacts from the novel coronavirus become more extensive is whether critical supply chains will be interrupted and whether patients can depend on a reliable supply of medicine, both for treatment and ongoing clinical trials.

Critically, Yourway has been providing DTP services since 2010, with solutions for shipments requiring frozen to ambient temperatures, and is able to keep its DTP clinical trial supply chain fully operational in almost every market globally. To provide services at a moment’s notice globally, pre-qualified shippers are positioned and properly preconditioned for 15 °C – 25 °C and 2 °C – 8 °C temperatures with data-loggers. The need for DTP services has become even more acute as the world faces the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and growing concerns about the potential exposure of vulnerable patients to COVID-19 at traditional clinical trials centers. Yourway has successfully initiated rescue projects for DTP services in areas where other providers have not been able to operate. The company also has protocols in place to facilitate customers seeking to transition from traditional centralized clinical trials models to DTP models, allowing immunocompromised subjects to remain at home but still receive therapy.

Yourway’s global clinical trials packaging and courier network remains fully operational, and the company has taken steps that ensure that the broader disruptions do not impact Yourway’s reliable distribution of medicines and clinical trials materials, even in highly challenging locations, such as Italy and China. With the company’s network of 21 GMP depots on six continents, there is sufficient redundancy that supply would not be interrupted even if one or more depots became inaccessible owing to local quarantine. The company is in close contact with its customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies to anticipate and prepare for any new challenges that may arise.

Yourway already operates under strict GMP- and GDP-required cleaning protocols governing their facilities, vehicles, equipment, and the personal hygiene of employees, and the company is continuously enhancing procedures to protect the safety of patients and staff who are working diligently to support very important lifesaving projects.

“Yourway is fully committed to the united fight against COVID-19,” stated Yourway President Gulam Jaffer. “Despite this global pandemic, we are operating at 100% efficiency and are continuously looking for ways to increase capacity to compensate for supply chain gaps left by changing travel restrictions and interruptions in the services of other providers.”

Yourway continues to proactively monitor the situation and implement solutions as conditions change, allowing the company to continue to efficiently support several ongoing clinical studies while protecting the integrity of intellectual property and ancillary products being stored and transported.

Our team of experts can begin working with you as soon as possible in order to initiate your first direct-to-patient shipment the next day — we can set up your program as soon as tomorrow.  

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