WuXi Biologics Announced Successful Completion of the First cGMP Run in MFG3

- One of the largest biologics clinical manufacturing facilities globally with 6 production lines which enable WuXi Biologics to complete 60 IND-enabling projects per year  

SHANGHAI, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- WuXi Biologics (2269.HK, WuXi Bio), a leading global open-access biologics technology platform company offering end-to-end solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing, today announced that the first GMP campaign in the new MFG3 facility was completed successfully.

This 18,000 sq. ft. newly completed state-of-the-art clinical manufacturing facility includes process development labs and 6 production lines: 2 x 2,000L fed-batch, 1 x 1,000L fed-batch and 1 x 200L fed-batch, 1 x 1,000L perfusion and 1 x 500L perfusion. The flexible design can handle production from 50L-2,000L scale fed-batch production and 125L-1,000L scale perfusion production. In addition, the facility includes both traditional fed-batch operations and new continuous perfusion suites coupled with continuous purification, one of the first next-generation manufacturing platforms to be implemented in the global biologics industry. With this addition, WuXi Biologics boosts the largest mammalian cell culture capacity in China with total bioreactor capacity of approximately 43,000L and can run 10 GMP campaigns of different products ranging from 50L-12,000L scale at the same time.

"We are continuing to expand our capacity to enable global partners and expedite biologics development. With this newly added capacity, WuXi Biologics will be able to enable 60 IND projects and 3 BLA projects per year, which showcases our unparalleled capacities," said Dr. Chris Chen, Chief Executive Officer of WuXi Biologics. "With globally recognized technical capabilities and unparalleled capacities, we are transforming how biologics are developed and manufactured globally."

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