Wheeler Bio Integrates the Solentim® Ecosystem by Advanced Instruments to Deliver the Highest Level of Consistency Across Their Cell Line Development Workflow

Wheeler Bio Integrates the Solentim® Ecosystem by Advanced Instruments to Deliver the Highest Level of Consistency Across Their Cell Line Development Workflow

June 14, 2022PR-M06-22-04

NORWOOD, Mass. – Advanced Instruments, a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments and services for bioprocessing, is excited to announce the implementation of the complete Solentim Ecosystem at Wheeler Bio in Oklahoma City, OK. Wheeler is a biologics development company that connects customers with an open-source, transfer-ready biologics production platform through their unique service offering called Portable CMC™ Services.

Portable CMC™ seeks to reduce the risks of early development failure while accelerating the path to clinical impact for the biopharma industry. The cornerstone of Portable CMC™ is a next-generation cell line development capability that features the Solentim Ecosystem, comprising three innovative instruments—VIPS™ high efficiency multi-tasking single cell seeder, Cell Metric® high contrast whole-well imager, ICON™ productivity analyzer and the data management system STUDIUS™. This equipment ecosystem will allow Wheeler Bio to bring the highest level of consistency across their CLD workflow from seeding to clone selection, confirmation of clone stability and banking. Additionally, STUDIUS™ provides the ability to automatically create high quality supporting documentation, reducing data analysis times, and enabling faster decision making.

Wheeler will benefit from being one of the first companies worldwide to take advantage of the full ecosystem. “We are thrilled to have the Solentim Ecosystem operating in our Oklahoma City based development labs. This system allowed Wheeler to rapidly develop and launch a standardized cell line development service that is integrated with a scalable drug substance process,” said Mike Brem, Director of Cell Line Development (CLD) at Wheeler. “The STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem concept aligns perfectly with Wheeler’s goals to improve access to cutting-edge, time-saving technologies for innovators. With the Solentim portfolio’s ability to track clones from seeding to selection, customers will never have to sacrifice consistency and quality for speed.” added Paul Butler, Senior Product Manager at Advanced Instruments.

Integration of the Solentim Ecosystem ensures that Wheeler customers move forward through projects as quickly as possible while having access to critical decision-making data concerning yield, purity, clonality, outgrowth, consistency, and compatibility with downstream processing. Coupled with decades of CLD experience, the Wheeler team can leverage the Solentim system for many types of biologics and therapeutic protein projects.

The Solentim Ecosystem is from Advanced Instruments, a global company offering novel solutions used in workflows in cell line development and throughout bioprocessing. The Solentim portfolio consists of best-in-class imaging, single-cell deposition and productivity measuring technologies for biomanufacturing. By providing a double-lock assurance of monoclonality, Solentim products can simplify and accelerate regulatory submissions. To learn more about the Solentim Ecosystem, please visit www.aicompanies.com/studius-powered-ecosystem/.

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About Wheeler Bio

Wheeler Bio is a new biomanufacturing company designed to accelerate the translation of therapeutic innovation into clinical impact. Through parallel integration with drug discovery, Wheeler is democratizing access to high quality mAbs manufacturing processes to benefit their development partners. The company is partnered with Alloy Therapeutics to create a seamless and more predictable pathway from antibody discovery to GMP manufacture. Wheeler’s unique partnering model is built on shared success, creating a singular focus on quality. Wheeler Bio is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK with an R&D Center in Waltham, MA. For more information, visit www.wheelerbio.com.

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