Q: What Have You Found to be the Greatest Benefit from Close Collaboration Partnership Models?


Nicholas Green, President & CEO, Therapure Biopharma Inc. 
The benefits can fall into a wide variety of categories. The more we act as a single business or partnership, the more waste or duplication of effort we can eliminate, and in so doing there is more value for both parties to share. As the teams develop together, we see ever increasing sharing of information and ideas, which in turn enhances project execution as problems are identified and overcome. Stress levels for both parties typically reduce and the probability of positive outcomes increases. Clients generally get asked about their successes and are usually willing to talk about them. Client referrals and repeat business are generally our richest source of new business. When a client commits to commercial manufacture (ahead of approval) it is a huge motivator to both parties to deliver a successful outcome.


Raj Iyer, Chief Business Officer, Porton Fine Chemicals Ltd.
As a leading China-based API CDMO serving the global pharmaceutical industry, Porton is honored to have long-standing partnerships and key relationships with several leading companies. Our collaboration models, notably the “Service Center,” have delivered practically innovative and impactful manufacturing solutions for customer-partners across multiple blockbuster franchises and therapeutic areas including antivirals, metabolic disease, anti-infectives and oncology.  

Porton has derived tremendous benefits from our strategic alliance approach in the form of knowledge transfer, pipeline understanding, customer embedment and sustainable growth. Reciprocally, our customer-partners have seen substantial benefits in the form of faster development outcomes, efficient manufacturing solutions and reliable, high quality supply chains.


Marko Salo, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Fermion
A: Close collaboration models are exactly what we need at Fermion in order to leverage all the benefits we have available to our customers. Fermion is a company with roots in innovative drug development, but customers can also exploit Fermion’s cost-efficiency approach in the process optimization and the mind-set of continuous improvement, both of which have developed in a tough generic API business since the 1970’s, when the company was founded. Our aim is to offer a unique experience, characterized by open and transparent communication, innovative spirit and agility. Transparency is needed in sharing both good news and bad news. We don’t want to drive our customer to a position where the news comes as a surprise, leading the customer to a potentially unforeseen situation with their project. Close collaboration also means really knowing the people on both sides: the customer must be comfortable with the people who are taking care of the project and chemistry. Closeness can also help in creating the spirit to enhance problem solving, sharing ideas between parties and building communication culture. Consequently, thinking like the customer can help Fermion to act as an extension to our customer’s R&D.

Guy Tiene

Guy supports the success of life science organizations by identifying synergies across research, content, marketing and communications resources to drive value for clients. With over 30 years of education and marketing experience and 18 years in the life sciences alone, Guy leads our editorial standards for client content, Pharma’s Almanac and Nice Insight research-based industry content as well as external communications for clients. Having served as head of global marketing and communications for a CMO, he also brings critical insight and guidance to all communications. Guy holds a Masters degree from Columbia University.