The Need for Onshoring and Domestic Production

On the Road to 50 States, industry veteran Joe Carleone, Founder and Managing Partner at Carleone Partners, talks to Nigel about onshoring and the need for domestic production highlighted by recent supply chain issues.

Joseph Carleone

Joe currently serves as Chairman of Avid Bioservices, a publicly traded, contract development and manufacturing company (Nasdaq: CDMO). Avid specializes in the development and cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products derived from mammalian cell culture. He also serves as a Board Director of Sensient Technologies (NYSE: SXT). Previously, Joe was Chairman and CEO of American Pacific (AMPAC) as well as Chairman of AMPAC Fine Chemicals. He is also currently an advisor to VersaFlex, OES, and the Drexel University Dean of Engineering.