Suanfarma Unifies Its Industrial Brands in a Rebranding Initiative Under Suanfarma CDMO

Suanfarma Unifies Its Industrial Brands in a Rebranding Initiative Under Suanfarma CDMO

January 31, 2024PR-M01-24-03

• Suanfarma will provide a consolidated and unified identity that reflects its commitment to customer excellence in the CDMO sector.
• Global Perspective: The new identity signifies the integration of the two manufacturing plants, Cipan and Rovereto, into the Suanfarma global brand. 
A unified brand enables an integrated image reflecting consistency and coherence across all international markets.

Madrid, Spain:
Suanfarma, a prominent leader in the B2B life science business, announces a strategic rebranding initiative. All of this is aimed at reinforcing the importance of Suanfarma as a global player in the healthcare sector, both as a distributor of APIs and as a CDMO company in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In this manner, Suanfarma´s sites, Cipan and Rovereto, are now acknowledged as part of a global and unified brand. Being collectively part of Suanfarma CDMO enhances visibility and flexibility in new projects, enabling the leveraging of synergies among the two factories in the group, in Portugal and Italy respectively.

Suanfarma's rebranding signifies a transformation that emphasizes the integration of its sites into the global business landscape of Suanfarma, all while upholding the unwavering dedication to quality that has been pivotal to the company's success. The company's core values, backed by its people, will continue to drive its commitment to providing high-quality solutions and services.

“We have grown significantly in the last few years in our CDMO capabilities, and now we want to showcase who we truly are. At Suanfarma CDMO, we adapt to the customers’ needs for fermentation, purification, and chemical synthesis processes in small, mid, and large volumes,” says Francisco Fernández, CEO of Suanfarma.

In accordance with this new brand strategy, Suanfarma is also introducing its new brand mantra: "At the Core of a Better Life." With this vision, the company reaffirms itself as a key player in the production of high-impact medicines for people's health and well-being. Science is applied to improve people's lives, care for the environment, and support the development of Suanfarma's partners.

“We recognize that a strong corporate brand is crucial for success in today's competitive business environment. The new brand architecture is a representation of our commitment to corporate excellence, setting the stage for enhanced trust and recognition among global stakeholders,” says Daniel Rivero, Industrial Director of Suanfarma.

This rebranding project presents a strategic opportunity for Suanfarma to embrace a more corporate approach, aligning its brand with its CDMO capabilities and the innovative and dynamic spirit of the industry. By doing so, Suanfarma aims to not only adapt to the evolving business landscape but also to set new standards for customer excellence. 

About Suanfarma

Suanfarma founded in 1993, is a B2B life science partner committed to health and innovation by developing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry in an innovative and sustainable way.

Suanfarma CDMO offers capacities for fermentation and chemical synthesis projects, providing a “One Stop Shop” service with a solid track record for the development, scaling, manufacturing, & commercialization of an API, either innovative or generic. All facilities comply with the highest existing regulations in the industry.

We have a strong network of 12 local offices placed strategically globally, providing services to 400+ customers in 70+ countries.

Silvia Martin de Caceres
Suanfarma Marketing & Comms Head

Katia Pianezze
Suanfarma Italia Comms Head

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