Social Networking and Information Exchange at China Pharma Week

CPhI & P-Mec China 2019

Taking place concurrently with the internationally esteemed trade show CPhI China, China Pharma Week is a full five days of events geared toward expanding the network and knowledge of all visitors and attendees. China Pharma Week serves as the ultimate bolster to CPhI China, offering guests even more insight into the industry, including the opportunity to develop connections and learn about key themes. 

Q2_CP_CPhl_P-Mec_sidebarHeld for the third time this year from June 17–21 in Shanghai, China Pharma Week will cover themes central to the industry, including Leadership, Business, Networking, Recognition, Knowledge, and Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Creating a Customized Program

Attendees can create their own experience throughout the week by attending conferences that address their personal interests. Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical regulations and new policies will be covered extensively throughout the week and across conferences. Other notable topics include an analysis of key export markets and a discussion on overseas market development. 

Facilitating Industry Networking

China Pharma Week is organized to be a catalyst for negotiation and to foster cooperation and partnership. With over 20 conferences and events over a total of five days, the possibilities for new business are extraordinary. 

Specific highlights of China Pharma Week will include the following events and happenings:

The 10th China–World CEO Summit 
For the key “Leadership” event under the theme, executives from some of the most respected organizations in the industry will share firsthand experience and practical advice for success, focusing on the impacts of policy in the market environment.

CPhI Networking Dinner (Invitation Only) 
This invitation-only event will feature prominent guests from across the industry, including government officials, exhibitors, and experts both from China and internationally.

International Agencies Updates and Q&A 
Representatives from the NMPA, FDA, EDQM, WHO, and drug regulators as well as pharmacopoeia commissions of various countries will be speaking on recent changes in drug regulatory policies and regulations. This open-forum Q&A is intended to help attendees improve their product registration applications and quality system construction and to demonstrate that Chinese pharma regulations are on par with international standards.

2019 CPhI / Rx-360 China Supply Chain Security Conference 
The 2019 CPhI China Supply Chain Security Conference will be hosted in conjunction with Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium featuring speakers representing some of the most recognized companies in the industry.

2019 Award for Top 100 Internationalized Companies 

To raise the international recognition of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) will hold the 4th edition of the Award for Top 100 Internationalized Companies. Winners will be selected based on product export, international registration, overseas M&A, and international cooperation, and will be chosen by the public, CPhI overseas visitors, and expert judges.

2019 Natural Extracts & Products Cocktail Party (Innovation Award & Networking) 
This event will feature new product launches and promote trade development in an informal networking atmosphere.

The 9th CPhI Buyers Sourcing Event 
Attendees of the 9th annual CPhI Buyers Sourcing Event can expect a specialized procurement matchmaking team to recommend quality suppliers based on member qualifications, buying leads and productivity, using databases in combination with the exhibition and the B2B website. The goal of the event is to bring buyers and sellers closer together via one-on-one and face-to-face meetings to speed up procurement time and increase efficiency.

Innovation Gallery & Tour
The Innovation Gallery & Tour will feature the latest packaging solutions, simulated cleanrooms, clean equipment, and fine projects, and showcase the quality plant extract suppliers and quality products jointly certified by CCCMHPIE, National Science Foundation (NSF), United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), SGS, and Intertek.

Plant Visit
The guests of the Plant Visit will witness manufacturing technology and gain an in-depth understanding of China’s manufacturing culture. 

Nice Insight

Nice Insight, established in 2010, is the research division of That’s Nice, A Science Agency, providing data and analysis from proprietary annual surveys, custom primary qualitative and quantitative research as well as extensive secondary research. Current annual surveys include The Nice Insight Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO/CMO), Survey The Nice Insight Contract Research - Preclinical and Clinical (CRO) Survey, The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Equipment Survey, and The Nice Insight Pharmaceutical Excipients Survey.

CPhI & P-MEC China

CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 is your gateway to successfully grow your business at the 2nd largest pharma market in the world. Whether you are looking for sourcing new business or getting the latest market insight, this is your One-stop Shop pharma platform in Asia.