RMDY Health Selected by MOBE to Deliver One-to-One Participant Engagement Across Digital Channels

RMDY digital platform to drive MOBE® participant onboarding and engagement through dedicated white-label mobile app and platform.

MINNEAPOLIS /PRNewswire/ -- RMDY Health today announced its partnership with MOBE, a guided health solutions company, to create a digital extension of MOBE's self-management care solutions for customers. The partnership will enable MOBE to connect with participants enrolled in its phone-based programs through a dynamic mobile health app tailored to participants' individual lifestyles and health situations.

MOBE partners with insurance companies and large employers to support health populations facing persistent health issues that can have significant impact on their daily lives. Eligible members and employees are paired with a dedicated MOBE Guide. Through periodic one-to-one phone conversations, Guides provide personalized attention, education and support to help individuals manage their health with confidence. RMDY's mobile app and platform, configured to support MOBE's program approach and brand, will add a new dimension to the MOBE participant experience, while enhancing MOBE's core phone-based service to onboard and engage participants, encourage lifestyle change and improve outcomes.  

The MOBE-branded app will serve as a seamless extension for delivering personalized messaging and content, in addition to care management tools and trackers to address individual user needs across a range of health situations. Automatic triggers and alerts powered by RMDY's AI-Engine will enable Guides to provide information and support in real time, as these needs evolve.

"MOBE has an innovative self-management program, facilitated by professionally trained Guides who care deeply about the people they work with," Scott Hawkins, Vice President of Strategy and Program Solutions at MOBE. "The RMDY digital platform will strengthen the connection between Guides and participants by providing real-time communication and information exchange, enabling MOBE Guides to meet participants on their terms."

As the number of healthcare consumers online continues to grow, digital technology is changing the way industry stakeholders connect with their patients to increase engagement and lower operating costs. Personalized digital coaching is a central component of the remote care management solutions powered by RMDY, either through automatically triggered direct interactions or a personal coach assigned to monitor and manage patient behavior online. In many cases, clients using RMDY have seen engagement interactions move from once per week to multiple interactions daily for more than 80 percent of the participant population.

"Companies like MOBE are addressing the growing industry need for innovative health and wellness solutions that can empower and support patients beyond the point of care," said Amir Kishon, CEO and founder of RMDY Health. "The RMDY Digital platform enables stakeholders to effectively manage large patient populations using video, voice and other online-based communications to provide the kind of personalized guidance patients need to successfully embrace self-management. We're proud to be working with MOBE on realizing digital's full potential to support their Guides and further enhance participants' experience on the path to better health."

About MOBE

MOBE was founded in 2014 to address a gap in the healthcare system for people who may not be receiving the assistance they need to address their unique and persistent health challenges. MOBE partners with insurance companies and large employers to provide guided health solutions to their customers and employees. Through one-to-one guidance on lifestyle, medication and healthcare choices, MOBE helps people live happy, healthy lives. www.mobeforlife.com

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RMDY Health
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