Rising Demand for Novel Cancer Treatment Approaches to Propel Cell Line Development Market through 2024

Increasing occurrences of diseases such as cancer along with numerous inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases will augment global cell line development market growth. Cell line development is on a high demand owing to the increasing requirement of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines to treat chronic diseases.

Cancer is one of the major health concerns emerging across the globe hence regional governments and several global organizations are investing heavily in research activities to produce cost effective treatments to deal with the disease in other alternative ways, one of which includes cancer cell line development.

Rapidly proliferating cancer, especially among the geriatric population will require discovering new treatment approaches which should stimulate cell line development market outlook. The ongoing hunt for potent cancer drugs is likely to boost cell line development industry growth during the forecast timeframe. Presently the cell line systems find strong demand for production of vaccines, antibodies and lymphokines which are used to treat numerous deadly diseases.

Significant developments in biotechnology industry along with increasing need for vaccines pertaining to governmental disease control initiatives across the globe will accelerate the cell line development market trends. The factors such as rising addiction of alcohol and tobacco-based products, unhealthy food consumption and lack of physical activities are likely to upsurge the number of cancer instances. This will create positive opportunities for the adoption of cell line development systems owing to the potential use cases of the technology to treat cancer through alternative ways.

Biotechnology industry players deploy cell line systems for cell culture, drug discovery and gene therapy which will find immense applications in the coming future. Several bestseller biologics such as Neupogen are close to patent expiration, leading toward development of new biosimilars, eventually augmenting the demand for human and animal cell lines. Furthermore, advancements in cell line development technologies including auto-screening methods and monitoring processes will lead to the industry expansion.

Stringent regulations associated with the development and approval of biologics and diagnostic products is anticipated to impede the market growth. For instance, there are several concerns associated with harvesting human embryonic stem cells which leads to annihilation of human embryos, thus receiving negative impacts from the society. However, rising investments in R&Ds to reveal novel technologies and products to improve the safety of human embryos will help counter this negativity.

Based on product segmentation, reagents and media segment dominated the cell line development market in 2017 and is further projected to continue its dominance throughout the forecast period. The segmental growth can be attributed to indispensable usage of reagents and media in biotechnology industry for research, tissue engineering, bio-production, toxicity testing and others. The product is also used for development of regenerative medicines aimed replacing the unhealthy or impaired tissue with healthy cells.

Considering the application type, cell line development market is divided into major use cases of the product including research, tissue engineering, bio-production, toxicity testing and drug discovery. From these applications, the tissue engineering segment is projected to grow at a significant CAGR owing to increasing investment in R&Ds to uncover potentials producing advanced cancer treatments.

According to a research report by Global Market Insights Inc., Cell Line Development Market size is projected to surpass USD 7.5 billion by 2024.



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