Redefining the Lab of the Future

Ajit Nagral, a seasoned entrepreneur and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Scitara, discusses Scitara's plug-and-play platform that facilitates connectivity among devices, instruments, and informatic systems to automate data workflows and power the digital transformation of scientific laboratories.

Ajit Nagral

Ajit Nagral is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies in the Life Science and Technology domain that have generated thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over their lifetime. Ajit has successfully created sustainable market brands that continue to lead, innovate and deliver critical value to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. Ajit’s latest venture is Scitara Corporation, an industry-backed software as a service (SaaS) start-up for the life science sector with the goal of enabling universal data connectivity in scientific laboratories. Ajit has a strong pedigree in founding successful companies, including Sciformix Corporation, a leading scientific process organization, that was acquired by LabCorp (NYSE: LH), and NuGenesis, an industry leader in scientific data management in life sciences. Ajit co-authored the patent for NuGenesis’ industry changing core technology and was instrumental in driving its growth until its acquisition by Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT).’