Recipharm Delivers First Serialized Drug Products in Saudi Arabia

Recipharm Delivers First Serialized Drug Products in Saudi Arabia

May 05, 2017PAO-M05-17-NI-003

€300,000 serialization project comes to fruition for Recipharm.

As part of an overall €40 million project to implement serialization solutions that meet the requirements of the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and other global pharmaceutical authorities, CDMO Recipharm installed serialization technology at its Lisbon, Portugal facility. More than 240,000 serialized units have been shipped to the Saudi market in compliance with the Saudi Drug Code.

These shipments follow the delivery of serialized products to Turkey, Korea and China, which Recipharm has been making for several years. The company has operations in more than 20 sites around the world. Serialized products for the Saudi market will eventually be produced from 6 more of these facilities, including sites in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain and France.

Recipharm uses Marchesini and SEA Vision hardware and software. Its serialization solution is integrated with its customers’ operations at the enterprise resource planning (ERP) level as well as with its own Level 4 platform for the management of serialization and regulatory data. In addition to dedicated serialization teams, the implementation of Recipharm’s serialization solution involved quality assurance, IT, packaging and engineering personnel.


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