Research Database Recommendations

Research Database Recommendations

April 01, 2016PAP-Q02-16-NI-001

As the pharmaceutical in­dustry grows, the research surrounding it follows suit. To stay ahead of industry trends and keep abreast of the myriad changes in drug development, including approvals and expi­rations, it is recommended that a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) or contract research organization (CRO) subscribe to one or many of the fol­lowing databases, listed below. As the ad­age goes, you are only as powerful as the information you have at your disposal.

Data analysis has become increasingly big business; it is impossible to be an industry leader without the ability to analyze the in­dustry. However, the real key to analysis is finding the gap — where is there an oppor­tunity, or where is a pattern repeated? From internal fluctuations in company leadership that predict tomorrow’s mergers and ac­quisitions, to clinical trial success rates that indicate a company’s future drug pipeline, maintaining data as a means of staying on top of trends should be regarded as de ri­gueur standard of practice.

The list below includes databases recom­mended by That’s Nice for tracking sales trends, revenues, overall global market in­telligence, therapeutic indication, dose man­ufacturing and packaging, as well as the top companies and producers in each space.

Global Research Organizations And Data Providers

BIOMEDTRACKER BMT allows for deep cus­tomization. Notable filters include disease indication and clinical trial phase, as well as market cap and molecule / compound type. The database allows for biotech and pharma investment opportunities by ac­cessing drug pipelines and future cata­lysts.

BIOPHARM INSIGHT This database pro­vides detailed visual reports on topics such as phase success rates, sales fore­casts, clinical trials, expected catalysts, etc. Furthermore, clinical studies con­cerning a specific drug as well as the di­rect competitors to that drug can be eas­ily accessed.

CITILINE Citiline features data related to drug development pipelines, clinical trials and clinical trial investigator profiles. The site provides clinical trial algorithms to predict timelines, from patient enrollment through study duration period and trial completion.

DATAMONITOR DataMonitor’s search tool allows queries by both drug and compa­ny. The database also divides companies based on size and specified regional mar­kets. Results include revenue and fore­cast analysis and rankings of top compa­nies and producers.

EVALUATE PHARMA Evaluate Pharma offers consensus forecasts, global market intel­ligence, financial data and valuation tools for the pharma and biotech industry. Users can perform custom searches based on re­gion, therapeutic area and orphan indica­tion, as well as access revenue numbers for U.S. and WW sales.

GLOBAL DATA Global Data is one of the largest databases. The database provides access for researching patents, product pipeline, clinical trials, M&A and market forecasts for emerging markets.

IMS SMART SOLUTIONS IMS Smart Solu­tions can be tailored for macro to granular level market analysis. The tool provides so­lutions to measure brand and competitive performance, provides portfolio planning throughout the organization, and performs launch planning and assessment.

INFORMA LIFE SCIENCE ANALYSIS Informa Life Science Analysis’ diverse portfolio covers the pharmaceutical (drug discovery, clinical development, regulatory affairs, biopharmaceutical, generics and business strategy), medical devices and diagnostics, fine chemicals and agrochemicals, and vet­erinary medicine arenas.

MEDTRACK MedTrack’s integrated plat­form provides a detailed insight into phar­maceutical sales, drug pipelines, sales, epi­demiology and patents.

NICE INSIGHT Nice Insight tracks customer perception and awareness for top CDMOs, CROs, equipment and excipient compa­nies, and scores competitive ranking.

ORC INTERNATIONAL ORC International provides business intelligence on shifting markets and consumer trends.

PHARMATELL Pharmatell allows for rapid data analysis, business development alerts and expert analysis of current industry topics to aid in making informed strategy decisions.

PHARMSOURCE ADVANTAGE PharmSource provides access to detailed reports on global pharma / bio R&D sales trends and analysis. Searches can be done on a num­ber of parameters, including molecule size, service provider, clinical / commercial dose manufacturing and packaging.

PROFOUND Profound’s database is almost entirely comprised of articles and reports concerning market topics, split by indus­try / location / publisher. Reports come in the form of abstracts and full texts. All con­tent must be paid for on an individual basis to gain access.

S&P CAPITAL IQ S&P Capital IQ allows us­ers to gather detailed current and fore­casted data on stock prices, financials and company investments.

THOMSON REUTERS CORTELLIS Thomson Reuters Cortellis is a tool mainly con­cerned with the analysis of R&D and drug patents. The user can search results by phase, indication, action and molecule type. The database does not contain any financial information.

THOMSON REUTERS INTEGRITY Thomson Reuters Integrity allows a simple search by drug name and molecule type. Advanced search parameters include current phase, therapeutic group and condition.

THOMSON REUTERS NEWPORT Thomson Reuters Newport contains information on APIs. The user can categorize results by region and therapeutic category. Ad­vanced search options allow results to be refined by API manufacturer and sales. 

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