Podcast: Insights from CDO Experts from Samsung Biologics

Discover invaluable insights into drug development in the most recent Pharma’s Almanac Podcast with Samsung Biologics.


In this new episode of the Pharma’s Almanac Podcast, we delve into the world of drug development with a Q&A discussion featuring Samsung Biologics’ industry experts in early-stage development, cell line replacement, and process optimization.

Hyelyoung Jang, Analytical Scientist at Samsung Biologics, and Jiyeon Lee, CDO Upstream Process Development Scientist at Samsung Biologics, join David Alvaro, Ph.D., Editor in Chief at Pharma's Almanac, to share insights, strategies, and real-world experiences from innovating to solve development challenges at Samsung Biologics.

Gain valuable insights into the complexities of some critical drug development stages, from the importance of identifying molecular liabilities in late discovery to ensure the viability and success of a drug candidate, to the nuances of optimizing developability assessments using Samsung Biologics' DEVELOPICK™ platform.

Learn more about cell line replacement and the challenges in balancing productivity gains with adherence to critical quality attributes and the innovative and problem-solving mindset that has become a hallmark of Samsung Biologics.

Hyelyoung Jang

Hyelyoung Jang is an analytical scientist at Samsung Biologics. She successfully completed a number of projects on the formulation development. She also played a key role in the launch of SBL’s rapid developability assessment platform, DEVELOPICK. Hyelyoung earned a bachelor’s and a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. She conducted her thesis research on the engineering of recombinant fusion proteins to develop novel therapeutics for an effective treatment of cytokine release syndrome.