PharmaFluidics Raises 7.3 Million Euro to Expand Commercialization of Novel Micro-Chip Device for Biomarker, Diagnostics and Drug Development Applications

PharmaFluidics NV, a game-changing innovator in the field of analytical chromatography, announced today that it has raised 7.3 million euro. The company will focus on intensifying international growth, supported by initial, promising sales.

GHENT, BelgiumJanuary 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Micro-Chip chromatography company PharmaFluidics closed a financing round of 7.3 million euro from investors including holding company FPIM-SFPI, and family offices Heran (Annie Vereecken) and RMM (Rudi Mariën). The existing investors PMV, Qbic, Theodorus, Innovation Fund and Volksvermogen reaffirm their confidence in the company and also participated in this financing round.

The VUB spin-off is a disruptive player in the field of micro-Chip Chromatography. Their unique technology - the µPAC™ column series - offers unprecedented robustness and reproducibility as well as state-of-the-art sensitivity and resolution performance. The first clients - academic labs in bio-analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals and diagnostics companies - have confirmed these outstanding characteristics of the µPAC™ technology.

The new funds will be used to further develop the Pillar Array technology platform, to expand the µPAC™ product range, and to scale up production and global sales. "This funding will significantly boost our capacity to support our growth," said PharmaFluidics' Managing Director Johan Devenyns.

Intensified commercialization  
The company started shipping µPACᵀᴹ columns in September 2017 and has since served proteomics laboratories, medical centers and pharmaceutical companies on three continents: Europe, the USA and Asia. Its pioneering product is very well received and has convinced pioneer users and key opinion leaders in proteomics to use micro-Chip based chromatography. 

The unique performance of the µPAC™ columns brings groundbreaking applications within reach. For example, the robustness and reproducibility allow proteomics data from different labs to be pooled, making reliable big data analysis possible. The miniaturization and sensitivity open the door to point-of-care nano-LC-MS, or ultimately single-cell analyses. This market validation as well as the additional potential in new markets have convinced serial life sciences investors RMM SA and Heran BVBA to participate in the current funding round.

The µPAC™ started shipping commercially in September 2017.

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PharmaFluidics develops and commercializes its unique µPAC™ range of micro-Chip based chromatography columns for use in biomarker, diagnostics and drug research & development applications in the global biotech and pharma industries. The unprecedented, game-changing sensitivity and separation performance of PharmaFluidics' µPAC™ chromatography columns allows to identify substantially more compounds in complex biological samples, such as biopsies, proteome digests, culture media or bio-pharmaceutical actives.

The key expertise and IP estate of PharmaFluidics are the design, lithographic production, and surface treatment of silicon wafers for use as separation devices in liquid chromatography. PharmaFluidics collaborates with an extensive network of centers of excellence, pioneer users and global Mass Spectrometry instrument providers to develop an increasing range of applications.