Atlas Biomed encourages a big data approach to healthcare.

Atlas Biomed has created a healthcare platform driving by insight, with the launch of the first-ever personalized genomic health testing service in the United Kingdom. Designed to bring a “big data” approach to people’s health care, Atlas said its DNA and gut microbiome testing platform will help people understand their health risks better and allow them to take a more proactive, information-based approach to their overall health and well-being.

With plans to “shake-up” what the company described as the UK’s £800 million genomics marketplace, Atlas explained it is the only company to offer both microbiome and DNA testing to consumers. Once test data is obtained, Atlas said, it feeds it into its insight-driven platform where partners, including nutritionists and fitness experts, conduct an integrated analysis of diet, activity and other factors to deliver a personally tailored, data-driven guide to a more healthful lifestyle.

To advance the science of the platform, Atlas is working with the University of Edinburgh on a project to develop “multiomics” data analysis methods using GWAS, eQTL and pQTL as a framework for molecular pathway profiling for biomarker development and potential. Describing the innovation of the offering, Jim Wilson, University of Edinburgh and member of Atlas’ Scientific Board of Advisors said, "The Atlas genome and microbiome analyses deliver pioneering insight into health, well-being and disease risk that cannot be discovered in any other way. This unique picture of individual risk is bringing integrated personalized medicine to the consumer for the first time.”

Tests are available for purchase on the company’s website with Atlas charging £149.00 for its DNA test, £125.00 for the Microbiome test and £260.00 for the two tests if purchased together. Accessing the experience of geneticists, medical personnel, information technology experts and bioinformaticians, both tests feed into the platform which creates “actionable, precise and personalized lifestyle recommendations,” said Atlas CEO, Sergey Musienko. “Too great a focus is put on reactive care… Moving forward, there has to be a focus on preventive care, and giving people control over their health before conditions develop,” he concluded.


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