NX Prenatal and Milu Labs Announce Strategic Collaboration to Commercialize Exosome-Based Preterm Birth Risk Test in Asia

LOUISVILLE, Ky. and NEW YORK  /PRNewswire/ -- NX Prenatal Inc., a privately held women's healthcare molecular diagnostic company, announced today that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Milu Labs, whose mission is to become the leading diagnostics company in Asia with a focus on maternal fetal medicine and women's health.

"Given China's vast population, its healthcare system wisely focuses on disease prevention and investing in early disease detection. These efforts will minimize the costs from outcomes such as preterm birth, which can bring a lifetime of medical complications," commented Dr. Daniel Chai, co-founder & CEO of Milu Labs. "NX Prenatal's proprietary NeXosome® liquid biopsy platform, together with sophisticated AI and bioinformatics/statistical approaches, has yielded the necessary breakthrough in this field – a blood test as early as 10-12 weeks which can stratify women at risk for preterm birth."


"Milu Labs plans to commercialize multiple best-in-class technologies to enable a new era of personalized medicine for maternal-fetal health in Asia. NX Prenatal is pleased to partner with the preeminent experts at Milu," commented Brian D. Brohman, CEO of NX Prenatal. "Their team uniquely understands the clinical, regulatory, and commercial requirements in that region for the successful launch and delivery of our novel test to patients and physicians."

About Milu Labs

Milu Labs is a global diagnostics company that builds, researches, and markets cutting-edge technologies to screen and detect major health conditions. The company focuses exclusively on the best technologies, from those in early-development to those that are already commercialized. Milu Labs is collaborating with global academic institutions and top American healthcare companies to develop the most exciting diagnostic technologies.

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NX Prenatal

NX Prenatal Inc. is a private, U.S.-based molecular diagnostics company.  The company's proprietary NeXosome® platform is being utilized to develop enabling, early warning systems for pregnancies that may result in spontaneous preterm birth, preeclampsia and other adverse outcomes. NX Prenatal has demonstrated the clinical utility of its biomarker panels for prenatal risk assessment as early as 10 weeks gestation.  This technology exploits biologically active and stable microparticles, such as exosomes, from the maternal bloodstream, to provide a real-time and non-invasive view of changing maternal and fetal cells and tissues.