Demira’s awareness campaign for Qbrexa is drawing significant interest.

Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis. About two-thirds experience the sweating in their underarms, with the other third sweating excessively on their hands, feet and face.

Skin treatment company Demira is working hard to attract the interest of the 10 million dealing with underarm sweating. Its new once-daily topical Qbrexa cloth just received FDA approval and will be available in October, but the company has been taking action to drum up interest since December, when it launched its awareness website. 

The company started running a TV spot in June. In the ad, people use tactics to hide underarm sweat puddles when hugging people or getting their photo taken. The ad has prompted significant interest, with traffic on the website increasing dramatically. More importantly, lots of the site visitors are filling out an excessive-sweating symptom survey and signing up for Demira’s customer-relationship management email. The company hopes to sign up 100,000 people for the latter program by the time Qbrexa is launched. 

Demira is also growing its sales force, which will target both dermatologists and primary care physicians. More than 10,000 people have applied for 112 positions. One analyst estimates that peak sales for Qbrexa could reach $200 million.

The company is also looking at additional indications for Qbrexa and has other drugs in development, including an IL-13 candidate referred to as lebrikizumab, which is in a phase 2 study.