New Look, Same Unwavering Patient Commitment

Design Logic: Marken Website Relaunch
A global leader in patient-centric supply chain services enhances
its web presence to reflect its rapid growth. 

Marken, a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS, is the leading provider of patient-centric supply chain solutions for the global pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. As the only supply chain organization dedicated exclusively to serving these markets, Marken is continuously refining its offering to meet new demands being driven by trends toward personalized therapies and treatment plans, including virtual or partially virtual clinical trials. 

Direct-to-Patient Services

Since its inception, Marken has designed its services and technologies with an unwavering focus on the patient at the end of the clinical supply chain. Its direct-to-patient/direct-from-patient service has long been a cornerstone of its offering, enabling more patients in need to participate in trials being conducted in all areas of the world. This service is complemented by a suite of industry-leading technology products that enable end-to-end supply chain visibility, from time- and temperature-sensitive delivery of clinical trial materials to biological sample shipments.


Scaling for Growth

Since becoming the clinical supply chain subsidiary of UPS in 2016, Marken has experienced a period of unprecedented expansion in both geography and capability. Reflecting this growth, the brand has evolved considerably, first with a “Lifeblood” campaign that illustrated Marken’s value across the entire clinical supply chain and its innate commitment to patients.

The New

Marken is both a service and technology provider, so user experience and functionality were key considerations in a complete redesign of its website. But before these elements could be addressed, the site needed to first provide a cohesive representation of the business and brand. For Marken, this began with a logo update incorporating the UPS relationship and a clear illustration of how specifically the new relationship delivers value to customers.

The Marken brand has historically been people- and patient-centric, which remains a focal point of the new website — most notably through a banner video playing at the top of the home page, but also in the images and iconography used throughout the site. The benefits of the UPS relationship are explained through content and visuals that describe three flexible levels of service now available to customers. 

Breadth of Service

The website also serves as Marken’s biggest opportunity to showcase the breadth of its offering, as it is the primary channel through which current and prospective customers engage with the brand. So information must be displayed in a way that is clear, comprehensible and easy to navigate.

This is especially important as Marken continues to add services to its already robust portfolio. By categorizing these capabilities into logical segments within the navigation, users are able to quickly find information and understand the breadth of Marken’s offering. This concept is further leveraged through a secondary modular navigation that gives access to Marken’s top-tier services, which is featured just below the home page banner upon scrolling.

In developing the new website, it was essential that users have instant, seamless access to booking, tracking and inventory management tools — specifically Marken FastTrack, Marken Solo and Marken Maestro.

Worldwide Network

Marken’s global footprint is continually expanding to better serve its customers and meet the varying needs of global patient populations. To showcase these locations, an interactive map highlights them and the specific services available at each site. Users can search for a location or service using a number of advanced filtering options, or they can zoom into an area of interest directly on the map itself.


Tools & Technologies

Marken’s customers rely on the organization’s proprietary technologies to book, ship and track clinical trial materials and biological samples. When it comes to the clinical supply chain, which relies on the successful transport of extremely time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, these visibility-enabling technologies are especially critical — and must be both easy to access and use.

In developing the new website, it was essential that users have instant, seamless access to booking, tracking and inventory management tools — specifically Marken FastTrack, Marken Solo and Marken Maes-tro. This was accomplished using a quick-access toolbar at the top of the home page, allowing users to jump straight to the information they need without having to search for it in the navigation.


Setting the Industry Standard

For more than 35 years, Marken has been developing innovative solutions to address the demands of the market and provide its customers with the tools they need to safeguard their clinical supply chains from the point of origin to the patient. With its new website, Marken continues to support its position as the go-to resource for world-class end-to-end supply chain support.

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