New Facilities Help AGC Biologics Discover What's Possible

At another stop on Pharma's Almanac's the Road to 50 States trans-American road trip, Patricio Massera, Founder and CEO of AGC Biologics, talks to Nigel about the three pillars the company was founded on and how the acquisition of the two Colorado facilities provides AGC Biologics with opportunities of further expansion in the future.

Patricio E. Massera

Patricio Massera was appointed Chief Executive Officer of AGC Biologics (formerly CMC Biologics) in May 2019. Patricio joined the company in 2012, as General Manager of Copenhagen-based CMC Biologics A/S. He later served as Chief Operating Officer in the Seattle-based company headquarters. As CEO, Patricio quickly developed a comprehensive people management strategy, recognizing that with a healthy company culture and highly engaged employees, AGC is best positioned to provide the highest-quality services to our customers. Across his 20 years of biologics experience, Patricio held several key executive positions at MSD AH, Intervet/Schering-Plough, Biogenesis-Bagó and other biotech companies in Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. With a background in biochemistry and business, Patricio has acted as a change agent in several integration processes and cultivated strong leadership teams, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and controlling biotechnological products and vaccines for human and animal health. Patricio holds an MBA from UCEMA and a Biochemist degree from the University of Buenos Aires.