Needle-Free Injection Technology Advances to Phase II Trial

PharmaJet® and Invectys partner for cancer vaccine.

French biopharmaceutical developer Invectys recently received FDA approval for its DNA based cancer vaccine INVAC-1 to proceed to Phase II clinical trial. The go-ahead also includes innovation in drug delivery using PharmaJet’s needle-free Tropis® injection system, to deliver clinical doses of the therapeutic vaccine to trial participants.

The delivery system, which received CE Mark authorization two years ago, proved its success clinically in Phase I trials. "We believe the PharmaJet Needle-free device offers many advantages to patients and providers including less pain and stress, elimination of needles and provides a more precise and consistent method for vaccine delivery," said Invectys CEO, Pierre Langlade Demoyen.

With more than 25 million people living with cancer, 14 million being diagnosed and another 8 million dying each year (WHO) all recognize cancer’s burden on the world’s populations. A vaccine that can be infused topically has great potential to improve dose safety and compliance while boosting therapeutic value and effectiveness.

PharmaJet CEO, Ron Lowy, offered his optimistic view noting: "We are pleased that the PharmaJet Tropis Intradermal device has been chosen as the method of administration for this important cancer immunotherapy vaccine development.” The Needle-free device, said Lowy, “has already been used successfully in numerous clinical studies for nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) vaccine delivery."


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