Megabiotic™-44, a Pre and Postbiotics Complex, from Lactobacillus Bulgaricus GLB44, Microorganism Able to Enhance Pore Refinement

GLB44 is a microorganism, which a team of Harvard Medical School microbiologists have researched extensively for its antimicrobial properties and its apparent ability to inhibit wide range of harmful bacteria is striking according to Dr. Onderdonk, the Harvard Professor leading the research. Prominent scientists including the 2005 Nobel Prize laureate for medicine are researching the different therapeutic applications of GLB44 for human health. GLB44 is used in the food industry under viable form, as a fresh bio preservative enhancer, as an organic probiotic, and as a global health enhancer.

For the first time used under topical form, Megabiotic™-44 is the cosmetic version of GLB-44, where we have inactivated the micro-organisms while keeping their probiotically produced bactericide peptides.

Megabiotic™-44 contains plant culture medium (carrot juice), bactericide peptides (postbiotic) and inactivated GLB-44.


Megabiotic™-44, has proven in vitro the modulation of both skin microbiome, and strains targeted in the field of product preservation: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Propionibacterium acnes.


The comparison was done between live bacteria and inactivated. It has been demonstrated that the inactived product tended to have the same level of modulation on the targeted strains than the live bacteria, thus demonstrating the key role of postbiotics in the skin microbiome modulation.


The clinical tests have demonstrated that Megabiotic™-44 introduced at 1% in a formulation is able to significantly reduce the number of visible pores together with pore size versus placebo after 28 days. These improvements can be linked to a significant increase of skin Staphylococcus epidermidis (PCR on skin samples), observed after the application of Megabiotic™-44 1% formula, whereas not observed with the placebo.


“Seqens is engaged into a highly innovative journey in cosmetics. Megabiotic™-44 represents our ability

to find new scientific combinations for the benefit of our customers.“ says Pierre LUZEAU, CEO of Seqens.


"It is extremely rare to find a 100% natural ingredient that is organic, vegan, has perfect safety track record (over 100 years), does not contain any major allergens, and cannot be overdosed on, and this partnership with Seqens has the potential to bring revolutionary changes in the cosmetic field." declares Kiril PETKOV, CEO of Proviotic.

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PROVIOTIC is a biotechnology company focused on cross-field innovations in life sciences where it combines multiple disciplines and commercializes inventions. Its current Centre for Applied Studies and Innovation (CASI) at the University of Sofia is running an innovation program with annual members that include 50 PhD’s in biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics with special focus on clean label and bio preservatives, natural antimicrobial agents and new microbiological discoveries in the area of inhibitory peptides and bacteriocins.

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