Mayo Clinic and Baxter Launch Patient Centric Kidney Disease Initiative

Collaboration aimed at advancing therapeutic innovation.

A new research and development collaboration between Baxter International and the Mayo Clinic intends to “advance innovation across a spectrum of therapeutic areas where there are high unmet patient needs.” The first project of the collaboration will be focused on kidney disease, with additional projects in other areas to follow.

The partnership reflects the growing trend of patient-centricity. According to Baxter and the Mayo Clinic, the collaboration agreement will integrate the collective clinical and development “expertise” of each organization “where clinicians and researchers will work side-by-side to advance new technologies and therapies that transform patient care.”

National Kidney Foundation statistics reveal 10% percent of the world’s population is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD) with millions dying every year from lack of treatment. Citing statistics for the U.S. Baxter and the Mayo Clinic said approximately 14% of Americans have “some degree” of CKD with close to half suffering from diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease — both primary contributors to kidney disease.

Mayo Clinic Vice President Gianrico Farrugia, said the collaboration brings together his organization’s clinical and research expertise with Baxter’s ability to apply and scale innovation: “We are confident that this collaboration will help accelerate discoveries, development and application of life-changing therapies for patients.” Citing the Mayo Clinic’s outstanding global reputation, Jose’ Almeida, Baxter’s CEO agreed, “The combined power of our two organizations will help us advance new solutions to the most pressing healthcare challenges, further delivering on Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives.”

Aimed at areas where breakthrough treatment options can be applied and where innovation can drive better access to higher-quality care, the initial collaboration is set for five years. The agreement also provides an option for renewal.


Guy Tiene

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