Lonza and Allevi Collaborate to Advance 3D Bioprinting

  • Collaboration brings technology and consumables together for bioprinting for research applications.
  • Lonza brings a broad range of high-quality human-derived primary cells, stem cells and supporting culture media ideally suited for 3D bioprinting.
  • Allevi to offer these components as part of its package of bioprinters, bioinks and software.

Basel, Switzerland and Philadelphia, USA – Allevi and Lonza announce collaboration to bring the elements needed for 3D bioprinting together. Combining Lonza’s primary cells and media with Allevi’s 3D bioprinters and bioink production capabilities will empower researchers with the tools needed for plug-and-play bioprinting.

Allevi is dedicated to providing high-quality materials for every step of the 3D bioprinting workflow, making it easy to design, engineer, and manufacture 3D tissues.  Their 3D bioprinters and bioinks are used by leading researchers globally in research drug discovery and tissue engineering.

Lonza Biosciences, a global leader in cell biology solutions, offers a broad range of high-quality human-derived primary cells, stem cells and supporting culture media that are ideally suited for 3D cell culture and 3D bioprinting.

3D bioprinting is a promising technology for engineering of complex 3D tissues needed in many areas of in vitro drug discovery research. High-quality cells are the essential building block for creating 3D bioprinting constructs and can be printed in physiological relevant patterns using this technology.

Lonza collaborates with selected providers of 3D printing technology to bring the best cell and media tools to 3D bioprinting applications. Allevi customers will now have access to Lonza primary cells and media for use in Allevi’s protocols for 3D bioprinting.

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