Latam Cargo Expands Its Pharma Network to Satisfy Latin American Markets' Demand

  • LATAM Cargo Group extended its service to satisfy its clients’ needs in the midst of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which led to closed-border policies and passenger flight restrictions.

  • The company implemented four new destinations and also opened more routes by implementing four additional transit stations. 

In light of the growing demand for international pharmaceutical transportation to Latin America in the midst of COVID-19’s health crisis, LATAM Cargo has extended PHARMA’s coverage. This care option, which is CEIV Pharma certified, is part of the company’s product portfolio and offers specialized transportation for these sensitive and delicate shipments. 


The pandemic—which is currently affecting Latin America—has triggered closed-border policies and passenger flight restrictions worldwide. This led the Latin American company into adopting various measures to modify its itinerary and strengthen its operation in order to mitigate negative effects on its clients. These reactions have allowed LATAM Cargo to maintain a constant service throughout

the health crisis.


One of the most important modifications has to do with the expansion of PHARMA’s network in order to satisfy clients’ growing interest in transporting products from Europe to more Latin American markets. During the last three months, the company implemented four transit stations to expand coverage and reach currently relevant markets for its clients. These stations include Miami (USA), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and a second entry point in Sao Paulo (Brazil). 


“The goods we transport with our PHARMA solutions to Latin America are delicate and extremely sensitive to temperature deviations. In order to continue satisfying our clients’s needs at such a critical time, we reacted quickly and efficiently while maintaining our product’s quality level. For each of the recently implemented routes, we have ensure that the established protocols and procedures for our care are met”, stated Cristina Oñate, LATAM Cargo’s Marketing and Product Development VP.


The recently launched transit stations provide access to Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Ecuador and Paraguay and allow LATAM Cargo to offer more routes for different origins-destinations. This way, the company strengthens its coverage and provides its clients with more alternatives.


Latin America demands more pharmaceutical goods and vaccines from North America and Europe


LATAM Cargo set different strategies in motion in order to satisfy its clients. One of them, for example, includes complementing the capacity offered in freighter flights by using passenger aircraft’s bellies exclusively for cargo transportation. Additionally, and in response to clients’ requests, the company has provided transportation to destinations that weren’t part of the PHARMA network at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, but, in response to the current situation, have been required by them.


LATAM Cargo offers both a PHARMA PASSIVE and ACTIVE solutions with different temperature ranges and leasing options respectively that meets the specific requirements for each shipment.  


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LATAM Cargo Group

LATAM Cargo is LATAM Airlines Group’s business unit specialized in air cargo transportation. It transports cargo in 320 passenger aircraft’s bellies and in its 11 freighters. The Group offers modern infrastructure, a wide range of services and care options to satisfy its clients’ needs, and air services to 152 destinations in 29 countries. It operates in six Latin American domestic markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in addition to international flights within Latin America and heading to Europe, USA, the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and Asia.

The Group owns one of the largest and most modern temperature-controlled facilities in Miami International Airport. This allows it to be considered as one of the five best airports for air cargo traffic in the world.

During 2019, LATAM Group transported 903,800 tons.